Lars Wickinger / Resident

Hailing from the Berlin Techno scene, Lars Wickinger is a mighty name in Techno even if not splattered across the blogs in flashing lights.
In the middle of the 90s he made his first contact with the Techno Sound.
He got hold of his first electronic equipment and so, while still playing in bands, he did more and more programming of his own.
Since 2006 he also produces Techno, Tech House and Minimal.
He has successful releases on following labels like Opossum Rec., Traumschallplatten/Cologne, Curle Rec., FLASH Rec., Liebe*Detail, Kill A Beat Rec.,
Suchtreflex, Living Records, Tanzbar Rec., Haseland Magnet Schallplatten, Kachelfunk Records, Living etc. (See Discography).

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