Luke / Owner

Starting with small parties in the Adventure Playground in Harburg, followed by regular gigs at clubs like „No Name“ (St. Pauli), „Sky“ (St. Pauli) and „After Shave“ (St. Paul) and as well at the „Players Ball“ event in the Powerhouse (St. Pauli) .
There were hamburg based hip-hop bands, which had the opportunity to present their music a wide audience. Among others Fettes Brot and Tobi & Das Bo were on stage. In addition to other hip-hop jams, he produced on the open channel in Hamburg a regular radio show called „Hip Hop Strikes Back“ for the Hip-Hop Hamburg eV, which he founded as well. In 1996, he moved to Hannover due to family reasons, where he also worked on his professional career. In 2009 he met BENEdikt and at the same time he felt his old love for music again, especially electronic music.
Since then he has been playing at selected parties and events for fun.

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