Milena Meißner / Resident

Ever since I can remember I was in love with music. At the age of 6 all I wanted was to play the piano. I had to beg my parents for 2 years before I got one.
And that’s how my „musical life career“ all started. I enjoyed playing the classical piano for over 12 years before i got to my biggest decision. I was 20 by then so I had to decide:
a career as classical concert pianist or starting an education in the music industry. I wanted both. So now I’m working in the music industry, always close to new music and fresh sounds, but I never gave up my passion for playing my piano.

It was a few years later that my biggest love crossed my path – my turntables! I fell in love and got myself these wonderful Technics MKII. At the beginning i played for myself, my friends or at private parties…always equipped with my round black love in my vinyl-case.
After many years now which I spend with my vinyls in my living room, at friends houses, in many bars and even more (small) clubs I had to move on and finally arrived the digital age. However, turntables will always be a must.

For me personally, music always tells a story – that is what I’m trying to pass on with my DJ sets. That’s why I always recommend to listen to my sets from the first to the very last second. It tells a whole story. It is like a painting – put into music. The colours play perfectly together and merge into one. All together it results in something complete, something beautiful, something for the heart.
My DJ sets are mainly recorded for listening at home and therefore of an artistic nature. When I play at Clubs and Bars I feel very strongly about introducing my kind of style to the people and soap them up with wonderful, danceable music.
I don’t play-act – I don’t play tracks that I don’t like for myself that don’t catch me. Generally spoken I do music for the heart. The way to people’s hearts isn’t only through their stomach but also through their sense for music.

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