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Hailing from the Berlin Techno scene, Lars Wickinger is a mighty name in Techno even if not splattered across the blogs in flashing lights. In the middle of the 90s he made his first contact with the Techno Sound. He got hold of his first electronic equipment and so, while still playing in bands, he […]

Lars Behrenroth – born in Germany, relocated to Los Angeles in 2004 – DJ since 1986, remixer & producer since 1997, radio host since 1996, and label owner since 2008. Lars has moved and grooved crowds in clubs all over the world such as DEEP (LA), Distillery (Leipzig, Germany), Motorlounge (Detroit), Queens (Paris, France), House […]

LetKolben is a well-known name in the world of electronic music. He is an owner of the record label ACHT and Kommunikation Records. For 4 years of his active creative work he has put out more than 60 digital releases, moreover, he produced several vinyl releases, one of which comprised a popular track “Keep Your […]

Starting with small parties in the Adventure Playground in Harburg, followed by regular gigs at clubs like „No Name“ (St. Pauli), „Sky“ (St. Pauli) and „After Shave“ (St. Paul) and as well at the „Players Ball“ event in the Powerhouse (St. Pauli) . There were hamburg based hip-hop bands, which had the opportunity to present […]

underground grooves : minimal / house / tech house / tech / deep house / broken beat

Marc Romboy has been in the electronic music scene since the early 90s and he has founded his first own label called „Le Petit Prince“ in 1993. His current imprint is „Systematic Recordings“ which he has set up in 2004, with artists like Stephan Bodzin, Robert Babicz, Blake Baxter, Robert Owens and Mike Dunn. He […]

Marc DePulse (Noir Music / Einmusika) “I don ́t specify my music. I simply produce and play what I love.” And that’s what Marcel Sterling alias Marc DePulse wants to tell us with his releases and podcasts: there is no box into which you must fit in because you are free in your mind to […]

Matthias Adler saw the light of day on the 26th of July 1981 and grew up in Oranienburg, near Berlin. In the middle of the Nineties, he discovers Electronic Dance Music, especially through Berlin House TV. Fascinated by its diversity, he develops a growing interest in noncommercial electronic music. Well, Berlin is around the corner […]

Mattias Milzep wurde 1982 in Waren (Müritz) geboren. Mit ca 17 Jahren hat er die Liebe zur elektronischen Musik gefunden. Seit nun mehr 10 Jahren steht er hinter den Plattentellern und präsentiert seinen ganz eigenen Sound. Seit einigen Jahren zieht er von Club zu Club und lässt das Feier Volk seinen unverwechselbaren Sound Spüren!!!

RA top 20 live act of 2015, 2013 and 2012, top 100 DJ 2011 „Incredibly intense“ – Pitchfork „Insanely good“ – The FADER „Impossibly gorgeous“ – FACT „Ace“ – theQuietus „Wants you to dance and cry simultaneously, and will probably succeed in doing so“ – DUMMY „A religious experience .. a master at blending blissed-out, […]

Max Zander is a young and aspiring DJ and Producer from Chemnitz, Germany. Born in 1994 it did not take long to the first electronic music impressions. After a few years he did start making music, first with old belt-driven turntables. Later he was radio host and DJ at a famous Internet Radio, but this […] „Mit vier am Klavier, zehn Jahre später am Schlagzeug und jetzt hinter den Decks. Max Gerber’s aka Ziesel‘s Liebe zur Musik sitzt tief. Mit seinen verträumt-verspielten Tech-House Beats vereint der aus Bad Kreuznach stammende DJ seit 2010 die vermeintlichen Gegensätze seiner musikalischen Erziehung.”.

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