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dj phono hat keine angst vorm scheitern, wenn er scheitert, dann auf hohem niveau. er hat nichts zu verlieren. aus diesem grund ist er unberechenbar und verunsichert die, die in ihrem leben nichts wagen. worüber er sich morgens beim zähne putzen überhaupt keine gedanken macht, ist der satz: „impulsive menschen kennen keine grenzen“. obwohl die […]

The story behind Dustin Zahn is not a particularly unique or exciting one. There are no breakthrough moments or mentors who have taken him under their wing. But since 1998, his work has put his career on a slow and steady ascent. Along the way, Dustin has gained over 10 years of experience and unrivaled […]

Deep House, Tech House, Progressiv House, Deep&Dub, Dub Techno, Techno, Ambiente

Hailing from the city of Valencia; songwriter, producer, remixer, DJ, and label owner Edu Imbernon is a truly global electronic music proposition.

Egokind & Ozean is the project of two Berlin-based electronic music producers and sound aesthetes. During their studies of audio design, they merged their previous band backgrounds with an in-depth knowledge for rich arrangements while establishing Egokind & Ozean into a DJ duo as well as a live act. Releasing their first album „Transition“ in […]

The guys from Ektschn! perfectly capture the muffled sounds that occur as the sun hits the horizon. In case you wonder how come you have not heard of this live act before or why you have not seen the boys in any of your favorite underground clubs, you are in for quite the surprise. Beatamines […]

Now an internationally successful DJ, Eric Sneo started learning to play musical instruments from a young age, after his grandfather introduced him to an accordion at only the age of 4, he went on to experiment with drums after buying a drum kit in his teenage years and started to attend local jazz shows, where […]

Erny – Dj / Producer Label : BeeNoise rec. Black & Purple rec.

Eugenio Baldacci was born in Pisa in 1993. Always passionate about music and instruments he approaching the world of music at the age of 5 studying piano. Fascinated by the world of the night at the age of 15 he entered the nightlife’s world as a promoter and dj, a figure that has always fascinated […]

ExTaSee spricht man genauso aus wie Extasy. Es geht um das „See“, neue Ansichten, Tracks bei denen das „das kenn ich doch“-Gefühl aufkommt, halt ein exzessiver und extatischer Blick durch seine Augen. Angefangen mit vocalem House, begann er bald sich auch tiefer in die Minimal-Szene einzuleben und als dann noch der Elektro-Punk hinzukam, war alles […]

Hier könnte eine typische Biografie stehen. Ist aber nicht so. Ich habe keine Schallplattensammlung geerbt. Meine Eltern waren keine Musiker. Ich habe nie ein Instrument gespielt. Ich habe nie produziert. Ich habe kein Label. Ich habe keine Booking-Agentur. Ich bin kein DJ. Ich liebe Musik und empfehle sie weiter. Ich erzähle damit auch gerne eigene […]

Fiallo Techno / Tech House Miami, FL

„The name Hans Bouffmyhre was born in the summer of 2006, when a group of friends decided to start their own techno night in a dark basement in Paisley, Scotland. The first night was a massive success and the rest is now history. 10 years later Hans Bouffmyhre is an established artist within the worldwide […]

Acid, House and Techno changed the landscape of the German music scene ever since the end of the eighties. Producer Ramon Zenker (born 11.11.1968) and DJ Oliver Bondzio (born 7.29.1967) were ahead of this new movement right from the start. In 1991 they formed Hardfloor and had their first success with the release Once Again […]

„born to late,live to fast, loved to much“…henriettas park is a person,a place,a feeling,a part of his own history.inspired by so many part of that is the truth that henriettas park is an qualified gardener and always be outside in the nature and surrounding with nice and real things…from this maybe come the love […]

Holger Pohl (OST POHL) aus Prenzlau, eine kleine Stadt mitten in der Uckermark, steht für klaren Techno in seiner Musik. Anfang 2011 startete er seine Laufbahn als DJ im Brandenburger Raum. Musikalisch hat seine Reise ihn durch verschiedene Genres und Stiles gebracht, sodass man heute diese Vielfalt in seiner Musik hören kann. Seine eigene Formel, […]

Schon im Kindesalter hörte Houzedriver leidenschaftlich Musik. Als die Anfänge von elektronischer Tanzmusik die Runde machte war er hellauf begeistert von dieser Musik. Im Alter von 14 Jahren probierte er sich bei Freunden die damals schon DJ’s waren mit dem auflegen und erkannte schnell das es genau seins war. Kurzer Hand später kaufte er sich […]

Was einst im Wohnzimmer des gebürtigen Sangerhäuser’s als Liebelei mit dem schwarzen Gold und entsprechender Technik begann, ist seit den letzten 17 Jahren zu seiner Passion geworden. Experimentierfreudig gestaltet er seine Sets jedes mal neu und begeistert die tanzende Meute durch seine Performance. Inspiriert durch den Sound von Kleinschmager Audio, Dapayk und Heinrichs & Hirtenfellner […]


Jewel Kid was born in Malta and climbed the music train way back when he was still illegal to enter clubs. More than a decade in, and this journey has fast tracked him into one of the most respected artists of this generation. Winning the Carl Cox Worldwide remix competition help by Beatport and awarded […]

Born in 1981 Kristina Lalic moved to the city of Belgrade from Canada. Music has been her love and passion from an early age. Growing up in a musical family surrounded by various genres of music, in the early 90’s Kristina fell in love with the electronic music scene and DJing. Beside her work on […]

Hailing from the Berlin Techno scene, Lars Wickinger is a mighty name in Techno even if not splattered across the blogs in flashing lights. In the middle of the 90s he made his first contact with the Techno Sound. He got hold of his first electronic equipment and so, while still playing in bands, he […]

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