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Ju Lovett, simply put, is one of a kind. His passion and level of commitment to electronic music is second to none, and he has influenced the advance of electronic music in every city he has ever lived in. From the UK Illegal rave scene in the 90’s, the intense Breakbeat driven era at the start off the millennium, Club launch’s, promotion, global radio and everything in between, Ju has always been at it’s centre.

There are few people in this world that are destined to break through the noise and alter our perception of reality. Ju Lovett is a one of those people, a radical, a deviant, an instigator, and one of the most deviously unique individuals on the planet.

It all began in 1997. Ju started to turn heads in the free party scene in the UK. Playing at some of the most talked about warehouse and open-air raves of the 90’s and early 21st century. Ju’s passion for techno and his disregard for what other people thought he should play made him stand out in a sea of monotonous similarity. Ju was moving to his own beat and continues to do so today.

Along with other his other residencies at Creamfields (UK Tour), Mondo’s (London), and the Aquarium (London), Ju’s most iconic was at the hugely successful Rapture (UK). Ju was able to harness the illegal rave energy and deliver it in a way no one had heard inside a club before. Fusing Techno with Breakbeat to create some of the most wild and energetic parties the UK had ever witnessed, Ju regularly attracted crowds of 1500 people and many times selling out venues completely. Rapture ran until 2006, when Ju decided that a change and a new challenge was needed.

It’s at this point in Ju’s life we really understand his commitment and ability to conquer anything he sets his mind to. Ju challenged himself to become an airline pilot. Apart from music, the only other thing Ju is intensely passionate about is flying, and in 2008 he completed his commercial pilots license. One week later he had a job flying Boeing 737’s for one of Europe’s largest airlines. In 2012 he became a Captain, also doing this in the shortest time possible to do so. In 2013 he left Europe in search of new cultures and experiences and landed in one of the most vibrant cities in the world, Dubai. In 2015, and now flying the Boeing 777 for one of the worlds best airline’s, Ju had an idea to bring techno to the middle east and shortly after that his vision gave birth to Dubai’s cult underground techno event: Dysfunktion.

This incredibly bold move cemented Ju as one of the pioneers of Techno and underground parties in the region. As well as bringing artist’s such as Christian Smith and WHYT NOYZ to Dubai for some of the most unpredictable and insane parties the UAE has ever had, Ju expanded Dysfunktion with a weekly radio show that is now syndicated across the globe from Japan to Argentina and is currently Dubai’s most syndicated radio show, ever.

Ju’s next challenge is production, and having already finished his debut track ‘Lifeforms’, set to be released early in 2018, he is well on the way to achieving this goal, and given Ju’s record, it won’t be long before his name is regularly appearing in the techno charts across the globe.

Completely professional and incredibly hard working yet insanely unpredictable with a chilled out tribal vibe. Ju can only be described as a singularity in our universe.

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